Change the experience of Fresh Finds altogether

So, as I'm sure we're all aware, Fresh Finds(FF) is down yet again because the packages allowed certain items to be traded(or something like that).

I'd like to think we're at the point where we can change the entire system of FF and make it one both players and SEGA(business wise) can enjoy.

I understand FF is meant to inspire fear of missing out(FOMO) and cause people to jump on and repeatedly check what's available daily, but there's got to be ways less aggressive than this to get money right?

That's why, my suggestion is to change FF from a daily + period system into a limited time catalogue. That is, in addition to package sales that stay up for the duration of the campaign, the full stock of items that would normally get drip-fed out to the players daily is now completely visible and available for the duration of whatever limited period is decided upon. It'll still inspire FOMO, but it'll be similar to a scratch, where people frontload purchases and decide at the last few days if there's anything else they want to get. If the desire to have something daily in there is necessary, continue to have a daily rotation of badges, stamina pots, and triggers.

I'd also suggest removing purchasing limits for ticket/cosmetic items. One of the worst things about current FF is that users are limited to 1 of an item, meaning that only 1 character on their account will ever have access to the accessory, hairstyle, etc. I don't see how there would be any downside in allowing users to buy items in this way, as they'll most likely buy even more from the store than they already do. Honestly, that probably translates to more Star Gem(SG) purchases, because it's still a bit difficult to gain SG for all the items already in the shop, let alone multiple copies.

My final suggestion is to allow trades on FF items. Ideally everyone could have access to these items, whether that means they farm up/buy SG, or pay player market meseta prices. Trading of these items would help the player economy and act in a manner similar to the way the AC Scratch item market works. However, I understand that this suggestion may actually lead to a loss of sales if only whales make the initial purchase, or if some enterprising person starts some sort of alt farm or what have you. That being said, I don't think the risk outweighs the gain in this case. Theoretically, it should produce a happier populace because there is a larger backlog of available accessories on the market and fewer people miss out on their favorite items when some real-world event prevents them from logging in on any given day. It also gets around the issue of always having to close down the shop whenever an item slips through without having it's tradable flag marked false.

These are my suggestions and I'm open to any criticism. I realize that this is something that PSO2NA would have to go through hoops to get implemented, but it never hurts to make these requests known, even if it's just thrown into the ether.

P.S. These are my suggestions, made in a way that keeps the current limited nature of the FF system alive and makes more business sense. In all honesty, I'd prefer if they figure out what items they will most likely not do a dedicated scratch for and put it in some sort of eternal catalogue. Or even take all the FFs up to now and put them in an always accessible catalogue that grows daily as more items are chosen to be added.

I feel like they're potentially losing sales no matter what, since SG is easy enough to come by and the items are limited stock. They're likely making the most off of the SG scratch.

That being said, I think this would be a nice idea. Having a longer amount of time to peruse things would make it to where we're missing out less on things. For me personally, FOMO has the opposite effect as I'm less inclined to spend in FFS knowing that it's not going to kill me to miss out again as I have so often already. Also making the items be non-tradable means that I always have to weigh the longevity of the outfits before buying since they'll stay in my inventory forever unless I delete them.

I think the shop serves an important purpose as we can't realistically implement every single scratch in time for NGS, but it doesn't seem to inspire people in its current state. It seems the devs are constantly fighting the game's natural instinct to make the items tradable too, so it creates more problems than it solves.

They should just release a large amount of SG items that rotate every 3 months and add the limited time/seasonal/holiday outfit bundle sets every 2 weeks. That way more and more new players coming into the game can still have a chance to either farm SG or buy SG with real money. Also having a "wish-list" button allows people who missed the SG items to maybe get it in a future rotation.

I dont think SG items should be tradable because it will affect the AC/meseta market aswell and also decrease the FOMO since you can just sell AC items or BOTS farming meseta, i would like to keep them seperated and view SG items as more of a indulgent luxury.

I agree you should be able to purchase the SG items twice for global account use since it helps deplete our SG and makes the purchase decision more important. I think SG tickets should decrease in price to 50 SG per roll because they put a bunch of useless filler in an already RNG scratch vs some solid items we already get in FF.