Question on units, from a newer player. (for NA)

Hello, i finally am hitting a point where i feel like i should be looking for higher units than brissa. Looking up what units are worth going into i have found a couple but am lost on where to go to get them do to not fully understanding the slang of pso2 and not really knowing every area yet (dont hate me QQ i havent done every mission yet, have just been having fun running the ones i have) i am currently planning on going union/ ray or one they called Ofzerious. But haven't found them in any shop any vets wanna give me a hand here, i would very much appreciate it. Thank yous in advance 😃

Currently, your only option is Ray. 12* Units cannot be sold on the Personal Shops, so you can only obtain them using Rising Badge 2s, or as drops from Ultimate Quests.

Brissa can carry you for quite a while until you get the Ray Units.

Thanks 😃 also ty for replying to my threads lol, youve helped me out a lot so far ty man