Card game mode?

Episode 3 was a card battle system from what I can remember. Would it be possible to create a card system mode where people can obtain or collect cards and battle them against others in PSO2?

It'd be separate and like a collector hobby within the game and play against others in PSO2 or npcs perhaps. Maybe in the casino?

Just throwing an idea out there to see maybe fhe cards be used again somehow and could even see it play out like episode 3 was on gamecube xD

PSO2 did have a physical card game in Japan, but it's been discontinued. I think there's a gametable port if you want to go looking for it.

@IndefinateArdem oh thats interesting too. I am going to look it up and see what they look like!

I think somebody is porting it to Tabletop Simulator

... That's the thing I ment to say. Sorry.