SG Scratch was extended to 01/13/2021

More chances to get the Requiem camo. Hell yeah.

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The PSO2 Day: Premium User Appreciation Day is here, now under a new schedule!

Not really - They do the "It's PSO2 day!" every PSO2 day and so most users who have been playing wouldn't click on the article they posted.

Yeah but they don't do the "now under a new schedule!" every PSO2 day.

Either way, it's clearer now.

One thing I meant to mention before is how specific this extension is: It has been extended from 8 weeks to 26, which is precisely how long JP SG scratch sets last. That was definitely intentional.

To be clear we're still going to struggle compared to JP, partly because this set is two JP sets' (52 weeks') worth and partly because we are almost certain to get our second SG scratch set (which is likely to be a combination of another two sets and 52 weeks' worth of Mother Corps content) at the originally-scheduled September 9th date to run concurrently.

But for anyone who cares most about the Dark Falz and Dark Matoi combination set - or at least more so than Episode 4 outfits - this is a tremendous improvement of choice and considering casino and battle arena SG is still fairly new, this will allow them to make use of those sources while Fallen Heroes is still available.