SG Scratch was extended to 01/13/2021

If you look at the Fallen Heroes SG Scratch Page:

The end date now says:

Ends: 01/13 02:00 AM (America/New_York) (Extended to 2021)

I would like to thank Sega for listening to feedback on the duration of the SG Scratch and extended the duration of the Scratch. This gives us time to farm SG for the SG Scratch.

wow SEGA listens to players? i guess we could say yes they actually do

Yep, shows that the Global Server is not a cash grab and that feedback can work and is not pointless. It may take a while, there may be a delay in the communication process, but feedback can work.

@Archetype-Luna said in SG Scratch was extended to 01/13/2021:

Yep, shows that the Global Server is not a cash grab and that feedback can work and is not pointless.

its still quite hard to work against those people who say its pointless and try hard to get threads they dislike closed

but ya thats a legit proof that any voice counts no matter the topic - guess they recieved enough feedback on that matter to change it

Thanks for the ping!

This is fantastic news. This sentence deserves its own paragraph because it's the most important takeaway from this extension.

I've been having a few charged conversations about this over on Twitter in the last few days and nobody could really explain why they couldn't just make the set last longer and have it overlap with other sets. Sure we'd still get a similar SG provision per set that is way less than what JP could get, but at least people who only had an interest in some but not all sets could choose which set to use their SG on with a little more freedom which is way better than spending 3 months building up SG and not being able to use it on Fallen Heroes because it departed so quickly.

I don't believe those conversations (which @play_pso2 was included in the recipient list for much of) are the cause of this extension though. Long before those, numerous people on this forum have said that 8 weeks is an absurdly short time for an SG set that is two JP SG scratch sets' worth totalling 52 weeks of JP SG content. Even now we have much of the JP SG provision (and what we don't get, Mission Pass with premium largely makes up for), the duration deficiency was a problem I am quite glad they have addressed now.

I'm curious as to why this wasn't announced, because it's an issue quite a few people had with the existing SG scratch setup. But since it wasn't, it's a great spot on @Archetype-Luna's part.

We can still expect a new SG scratch to overlap the present one in September, I think. I'm more curious about what this means for the "Limited time SG swap shop" which presumably would have ended in September. Maybe that'll still switch over to a potential new September set, or maybe it'll be extended as well.

I spotted this a few days ago but since there was no announcement and it doesn't say it's extended in-game, on the site, social media, or even in that article except for their new time conversion thing, I think it might be a glitch. They could have meant to apply it to something else, or they considered extending it but didn't, and someone accidentally hit save.

Awkward, if so.

But then again they didn't really tell us the day and time for the PSO2 day changed either aside from mentioning it in the middle of an article that everyone ignored, so...

@Aida-Enna said in SG Scratch was extended to 01/13/2021:

they didn't really tell us the day and time for the PSO2 day changed either

It was a pretty noticeable part of their tweet about it:

The PSO2 Day: Premium User Appreciation Day is here, now under a new schedule!

This is very cool, but I hope it means they will run this SG scratch with other JP ones in the future in tandem and not just this one till it expires.

Since it doesn't show up in game and there has been no announcement can a GM confirm if this extension is happening or not? @GM-Deynger For piece of mind really on when I should use my choice ticket.

Awesome news for the people that were worried they weren't going to get the cosmetics they wanted.

Ayy sega listening to feedback and with this kind of change it can't be rebutted by saying they were always planning this (since its 100% clear it was a change of plans)

On another note I got the Viel Visor from the scratch with PVP sg so I get to now sit and hoard for a while until they bring back the beast stuff on the fresh finds (Thankfully previewing stuff is now available so I can see if it even looks good on my character.)

Oh wow!!! I joined and had completely given up on this because the math just required way too many star gems. Literally my favorite item in the entire game is in this set, time to grind sg in earnest!

actually i'd like to know aswell what that will mean for other possible SG scratches. Fallen Heroes was supposed to run till the 9th of september and i was fully expecting another one to take its place. @GM-Deynger can you confirm if there will still be a new SG Scratch on the 9th and the Fallen Heroes will run parallel to it?

What if they cancelled fresh finds and just made them all sg scratch instead? Kinda like fun scratch, but with sg. FF is clearly broken and too much effort for them at this point.