Fresh finds shop isnt working why?

Fresh finds shop is saying its under maintenance and they are continuing to put things up in it.... WHY? We cant get in to it to buy things its bean under mantinence now a week or more when are they going to step up and fix it? This hurts i want to pay $$$ to get some thing in there but while its closed im not using mony to buy sg till its fixed.

If you want my ship im on ship 3...

fresh finds is not working because all the items that appear there were tradable in JP and because they are being sold in SG they cannot be tradable however that problem had happened before and they took down the fresh finds to solve it

How long will it be down? Will the company let us get a chance to get the outfits we are all missing out on because of the big blunder caused by all of this ? We shouldn't be having to miss out on so much of this just because the company messed up ? There hasent even bean a sorry gift for the extreamly big inconvenience we have to go threw where is that at ? Every othere game dose it for there active players... Im even a paying customer like many otheres for crying outloud. Ooops i sead a lot im not doing an angry rant i promise i just have so many questions and concerns and this happened during the event that has an outfit iv bean dying to get since the x box release of pso2 😞

If they were tradable on Jp they should just make it tradable on Global and stop trying to milk extra money from people . its been 9 days so they are not even making any money from the stuff that would of been tradable so lol

@Mnemic nothing that is sold with SG is tradable is always as being that way so is the same way in the global server, why they choose to do the fresh finds no one knows but before the 2 times they had those problems anything that appeared there was untradable

Thats no reason fo inconvenience the howl fan base they need to get there act togethere and fix the problem like big game systems techs do and stop this nonsence the issue should have bean fixed with in 3 days not almost 2 weeks and still nothing this is calld ether... stuck up , lazy , or they are just that dumb... Remember that saying howmany idiots dose it take to chaing a lightbulb? There is a howl cumpany that cant even get 1 revolution... The outfit issue should have low key bean fixed years a go...when i was bata testing this game and they had this same issue with the same damn outfit line...Incompetent.Bastards... Saga thats not very Asen of you to keep something that makes you money closed your loosing money on many levels on top of pissing your fan base one of them on all levels fan base and cashing ...

@Mnemic love the pic and hold up you mean they... I agree with you ... Thats gross they do one thing for Japan and an othere to othere country's thats crookas Fffffk...

@Jamesmor well we all know what outfit is screwing up why dont they just turn it in to an AC scratch ticket and create an other sexy design for the sg slot that might get rid of the bug compleatly and give players a chance to get the Pop singer's outfit making pso2 more money and giving players a chance finally?

I believe Fresh Finds is down due to the JP Team (who manage the servers, develop content and features, and also decode what items are sold etc) doing some adjustments to it and not telling the Community Team just what they are doing.

It cant be a coincidence that one of the issues surrounding SG, how long the SG Scratch runs, has been dealt with at the same time Fresh Finds go down... don't take this as confirmation but I believe the system is being updated and tweaked majorly.

This is stupid, we lose out on a Fresh Finds theme and a new one takes its place like what the hell?! Wouldn't be surprised at no compensation for lost content and no true apology. Just going about things like it never happened, it's bull like this that can kill a game. Already thinking about going back to JP permanently as they broke NA completely!

lost content? are you serious about lost content of visual stuff when is 8 years of visual stuff in the game? obviously that not everything will come to this server is way too much stuff, also Fresh Finds has daily rotation the only thing that is being changed is the 3 main stuff