Meseta Bot Suggestion

Hi Sega! I had a suggestion regarding how to deal with the meseta bots running rampant in the game. Similar to how you require a pin each time a player logs in to use the marketplace, I would suggest using the same pin for the first time you send a message after logging in. This would help with two things: First, it would severely slow down bots who just make fast accounts, and would require extra steps to begin spamming, requiring a new pin input every time they log in. Second, it would put a huge damper in meseta websites stealing accounts to use for spam purposes, as they would not have the PIN for that account. It would be a minor inconvenience for us regular players, but I'm sure it would be a boon in the long run for people who just want to see the bots gone. If anyone else has a suggestion regarding this, I'd love to hear them too! Thanks for reading this 🙂

Sega could also severely cut down on the number of bots without the mild inconvenience to players by adding any new spam to a filter during each bot sweep and after reading reports. Simply forcing the meseta sellers to constantly change their script will drastically cut down on spam.

So now you have a system that automatically detects and bans a large amount of bots. But this could be taken even further by turning all those would-be spammers into content. For example, an event in which a Priority One emergency is declared due to a group of Earthlings creating autonomous PSO2 avatars as part of a suspected money laundering operation. Weapons are enabled for all players in the lobby, and any spam bots that get banned leave their characters behind, get flagged for PvP, and have an Abyss E-Trial placed on them.