Recycle Fresh Finds, Mission Badge, and campaign items

Hello! I've seen a lot of people express their disappointment with missing certain items that have cycled through the Fresh Finds Shop and the Mission Pass, as well as campaign items that were only available for a limited time. They're all very easy to miss out on and some of them were only available during periods that not all players had access to (such as the Xbox launch).

I understand the items may be valuable to some, but since the majority are bound to our accounts and because the game is so young, I don't see the harm in bringing some of them back here and there. Player fashion is such an important aspect of the game to some players that it affects their outlook on the game knowing that they may never have the chance to get these items again.

I've noticed that some have made a return like the Dreamcast mag device, so I'm hoping that we can see more of that again in the future.

Thanks for your time.


Mission pass items should either be revived or be allowed for trading. I didn't start playing this global release just to look at all of the fashion items that I'll never even have a CHANCE to attain because of starting a few months after release. At least you could save a lot of meseta and buy whatever you want on the JP version, no matter how old. Why can't we do that on global? Terrible design choice that will make or break if I keep playing this or not.

Yes, I'm upset over this after spending plenty of money on AC to be told that half of the items in the game won't be tradeable anymore. Does Sega not realize that a large portion of the playerbase continues to play the game for fashion, not purely running the same content over and over every single day?