Let me relive PSO1 in PSO2!

PSO2 in all honor but when will PSO1 return? Outfits and few monsters are okay but it's not enough. I want to fight Rico and Flowen as Dark Falz again. Relive that time.

I'm sorry for been so nostalgic, it's just that PSO1 holds me dear. Its charm still lives with me 20 years later. As the ending song in PSO1 episode 2 says: "Nothing going to last forever."

I try to enjoy PSO2 but it doesn't give me that motivation to play as PSO1 did.

PSO1 had a superior atmosphere of story, music, quests and visual design which PSO2 is critically lacking to be honest. Technically, they can bring PSO1 into PSO2 due to some space/time paradox... but I doubt they will.