We did it the bots were finally banned!

i was so tired of having to keep blacklisting bots every half an hour becuase they kept making new accounts to get around it, but now that they were banned we no longer have to worry about them from making anymore accounts to get around the ban.

im just so glad that sega finally got rid of the bots and i wont have to see any more spamming from them when i login.

Oh,they will be back. Don't you worry lmao.

but they were banned?

As long as people buy meseta for real money they will come back.

You REALLY think that bots won't pop up again? Its someone creating accounts,and we talking about a free game here. You ain't stopping RMTs son. People are going to make new bots and heck fake IP addresses if they have to. How many MMOs have you played before?

Block China. Easy.

let me tell you a small detail, banning bots accounts never stops then, I'm still finding then all over the place.

if they want to give a real headache to those who use the bots they need to ban their IPs.

@Jamesmor Even so,IPs can be faked. It won't change anything.

@Morgothryuzaki I know it won't stop then but is to annoy then, is not simple to fake an IP or even change it

@Jamesmor Its not simple to the average person,to them its a joke by now.

i just logged in and already i see spam how could this happen! they were banned!

@AC-GLINT You didn't listen to ANYTHING we said here,did you?

@Morgothryuzaki dont you understand sega said they were going to do something about the bots and they banned them, but they are still here how could this be?

@AC-GLINT You know what? Go back and read what we said. I don't know you but I am pretty sure you have the brain power to comprehend what we said.

We'll need a mixture of chat filters and thorough Mac address bans to combat them, and even then it likely won't stop all of them. Unfortunately banning China would at best slow them, a VPN isnt the only way to fake location pings, especially when latency has zero effect on a bot.