Double Download?

So I installed PSO2 on steam (67GB) and when i launch the game its downloading 97gb in the launcher for PSO2? Did I miss something or did PSO2 become a 160gb game?

Thats not 97 GB, that number is the number displayed is the number of files the launcher needs to scan. When the launcher displays (1/2) it means its just scanning the files for anything missing.

(2/2) is the actual download.

As the above person said, when you first load the launcher, it automatically does a file check with Part 1 being a scan and part 2 being an actual download of updated files. The number is the number of files being scanned. It slowly builds up to the 9xxxx number as the number of files and then it goes through them all after that for Phase 1/2. Then on Phase 2/2, it downloads any updates, if any. Future launches of the game will not have this automatic file check until after a maintenance period.