Don't understand RNG power

I found a weapon that I can't equip because it says I don't have a high enough RNG power. I understand you increase this by feeding your mag but when I go into my stat sheet or whatever it says my RNG power is way higher than what's needed. Why is this??

not every weapon can be equipped with any class unless is a Gunblade or a weapon that has not class limitations, RNG power is for ranged weapons so if is a rifle only Ranger or Gunner can equip it, if is a dual pistol only Gunner can equip it, if is a launcher only Ranger can equip it and if is a bow only Braver can equip it.

also RNG is raised naturally by all classes and more for the classes that use RNG as their main attack stat, mags only give a boost in the stats however the mag need to be focused in RNG power in order to give that bonus and you need to feed him in that stat

Additionally, you need to remember that you have base RNG-Pwr and total RNG-Pwr.

Base RNG-Pwr includes your class level stats, your Mag, and any RNG-Pwr Up Skills you have taken; this is what is used for equipment requirements.

Total RNG-Pwr includes the above, plus your weapon's RNG-Pwr, any RNG-Pwr on your Units, and any RNG-Pwr from Augments; this is what you see in your Character Stats page.

Thanks guys but I figured it out and I feel stupid. 😞