Beta/ release info... warning this post will kill your brain@@

@VxAtlasxV5239 Yes the credits there are from the North American version. The Credits are different between the JP and NA version in the sense that the NA version has to list the people that were involved with the NA version.

Beta will be at the beginning week of spring.

Game will be released on April 14th.


Let's hope lol


Beta to open ? So a soft release
You better say yes or its war!

Free to plays tend to do Open Beta > Release type soft releases. Especially in the west. (Even with Nexon USA, and IGG (China-based) games.) So I'd agree with that.

So I have to worry about it releasing alongside Animal Crossing this month or FFVII next month? @_@ If it's earlier in April then alongside RE3 lol I feel like I had nothing but PSO2 to look forward to this whol time but now I'm worried about time to play everything lol

Well... animal crossing I can take on the go at least lol(until PSO2 mobile game comes out lol)

@FluffyShinobi said in Beta/ release info... warning this post will kill your brain@@:

@VxAtlasxV5239 they should seeing how completely different companies are involved/ voice actors etc. me bones tell me next week is open beta tho

I got 100 Meseta on next weekend.

id say before ff7


The prophecy has begun

Beta to release ...

Make sure to not have plans next Tuesday! Haha I wonder if someone guessed the exact date.


If it beta to release so 2 date beta to open spring I did

And I gave specific cultural and business reasons not a random guess so.....yea I'm hyped lol


The prophecy has been fulfilled !!!

Lol beta to release

I not only guessed right but I gave culture and financial logistical reasons

My pso2 char name is gonna be Prophet lol

You're all wrong. Sega and Microsoft just wanted to give me a good birthday present since my birthday is 3/17.

Also, PSO2JP maintenence day is every Wednesday, Tuesday in NA.

@Reilet You should have been born sooner so we can play the game that much sooner if they planned it for your birthday 😧

We should go back in time or something and make you be born sooner.


Lol .....check this out further proof I was on the right

Track the 3s are huge in phantasy star lore

The demon star

Algo lol

One thing I can say for sure in all my research I to this prediction .....

Ppl at sega .....are seriously next level

Super human intelligence lol