[Ship 1] Timeless - Recruiting (NA/EU) (Active) (Casual) (Discord) (Dailies)


Timeless is currently recruiting and we're looking for players that wish to grow with us and reach endgame content with us. We prefer players from either NA or EU. 😊 This is a fairly new alliance so don't expect much at first, but if you stay with us you will soon reap the benefits to come.

Alliance priorities📆

  • Building up members to efficiently farm up alliance points for alliance buffs

  • Establishing a closely-knit community (yes we are going to socialize, however,don't feel pressured to if you don't want to) 😊

  • Unlocking the level 8 alliance xp tree (Currently at level 5)

  • Reaching endgame (ultimate quests etc) and grinding together

  • Events and giveaways once we reach a certain player threshold

When we begin to get more traction, we will also start to implement giveaways and alliance exclusive events such as casino nights and alliance exclusive grind parties either in ultimate quests or in vhaqs.

If you're still unsure of whether or not you should join an alliance, you could still join our discord at https://discord.gg/DdEK4BE .If you're interested in joining you can either scout our alliance, but try to give us a little introduction (the effort counts), or just message the leader or one of the officers in the discord!



Discord link if you don't want to read anything above: https://discord.gg/DdEK4BE

The elite, there's no debatin' that we nicer. If you buggin', dump the metal, now you change like a Scyther.

Bump ~ We're still on the lookout for new recruits!

Drip nasty like Muk movin'.

More elite than the final four.

We just passed the 10 members mark!

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Bump~ Still looking for active recruits 🙂

bump, still recruiting!

Currently at 14 members! We still got alot of space 🙂

Bump~ Still looking for recruits!

Hey you!~ Come with us--

Bump, bump!

We just hit the 20 member checkmark.

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We're almost hitting 25 members!! Still recruiting 🙂