The elite, there's no debatin' that we nicer. If you buggin', dump the metal, now you change like a Scyther.

Bump ~ We're still on the lookout for new recruits!

Drip nasty like Muk movin'.

More elite than the final four.

We just passed the 10 members mark!

I ain't even took a nap, I don't Pokemon Sleep. And you know we finna creep in your Pokemon Home. Take your Pokemon Bank, then we Pokemon Go.

Hey, flamethrower flow, let it hit 'cause that boy a Charmeleon. I need a million billion trillion tokens to buy up a house in Vermillion.

Bump~ Still looking for active recruits 🙂

bump, still recruiting!

Currently at 14 members! We still got alot of space 🙂

Bump~ Still looking for recruits!

Hey you!~ Come with us--

Bump, bump!

We just hit the 20 member checkmark.

Mewtwo, I'm putting that Pressure on. Just hit Fissure off Metronome.

We're almost hitting 25 members!! Still recruiting 🙂