Force little compendium (?) [Not Guide]

So I've looked at some posts here and wanna get it together (kinda) but with some questions.

  1. one of the best builds (?) by Cheltaran13 with spare points if you wanna take things like Tails Bonus, Tails Throw, Rod Shoot.
    My questions: 3 points ind Rod Shoot is enough and should not be higher? I see lack of Photon Flare and in some place I've seen it could be good for now but not so good at later chapters so it's not mandatory?
  2. Weapons:
    So from what I've read:
    Go 5/5 Element conversion and use Psycho Wand, Nemesis later.
    If you have time and money make rainbow palette and flex.
  3. PA's palette.
    Here I have only something like this from YT
    Bez tytułu.png
    (I am visualizer so pictures tell me more than word. Sorry). How good is that palette?
  4. Subpallete.
    Movement, buffing, healing techniques?

I think it's everything I wanted to ask for now.

Rod shoot you only need 3/5 because you want it for the PP regen and not the damage. 3/5 and 5/5 both return 10 PP, so save the 2 points. Personally I don't have this skill, but some people like it as a way to get some PP back from range with a rod.

At level 85 we get a skill called Photon Flare Rod SC. What it does is when you activate Photon Flare, your techniques charge 60% faster for 20 seconds when using a rod. This is a free skill, and is a must have, but without Photon Flare it does nothing. So when we unlock lvl 85 on NA, save 3 skill points and put them into Photon Flare 2/10 and Photon Flare Afterburst 1/1.

This is my current skill build at lvl 80. It's basically the same as the one I posted before but I filled in the spare points for my own personal preference. Skill Sim

Note: From lvl 75-80 don't spend any skill points! Save them up and you should have 5 points left at lvl 80. Put those into the "High level Bonus" skill which unlocks at lvl 80.

Palletes are a personal preference, but I'll post mine when I get a chance.

This is my palletes. Although I'd be keen to know what others are using as I'm not 100% sure I have this set out as best I could.

d9c6758f-32da-4431-91a6-7c6f4184a0b5-image.png a6485d37-51bd-4ecc-b100-ddc0d4735ad9-image.png

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I would think putting the two points in to get after burst is fairly optional? Nice bonus for t-attack but afterburst is time limited to only 30s it also doesn't overlap with of rod sc, so that hurts it as well (not much better than photo flare itself?). The extra two points is also painful.

I'm a newb though, so I have no idea. I just remember the math in photon flare being icky. Could eek ahead in actual testing, but I'm free so no way I'm testing it xD

To be honest I wouldn't call myself an expert either. But every guide I've read usually just says if you're going to get photon flare, you may as well put the extra 2 points in and get afterburst to make it more worthwhile. But yeah, Photon Flare without Rod SC is icky and not worth the time/points, whether you want afterburst or not.

Once we get the S4 S-Grade Ability from the Atlas Talis (which you can then turn into the Rod if that is your preference), 5 Points into Flare and getting Afterburst becomes a constant extra 100 TEC-Pwr since it reduces Flare's cooldown by 20%; I believe it actually ends up giving a ~2 or 3 second window where you get 200 TEC-Pwr with the charge speed increase. 6 SP for 100 TEC-Pwr isn't bad, though I admit this is considering having lv 90 or 95 available.

@AndrlCh ah thanks, I'll add that into the math then.