Need help getting he colour of innocent ensemble outer right

I got the outer a little while ago, and I only had the sea base at the time so, I changed the colour to match, but today I got the original base. Yet no matter how much I try I can’t quite seem to get the colour right, it never looks the same as Matoi’s outfit. Can anyone who also got this and hasn’t changed the colour post a pic of exactly where the needle was? Thanks in advance

Bump, someone must have it?

I play a guy so I don't have it, but using the color dropper in paint, it looks like it should be somewhere around here:

matoi color.png

You'll still need to tweak it a bit to get it perfect, but I hope that's a good starting point.

alt text

Here, I checked for you. It's annoying that you must have a color pass in inventory to even bring up this menu.