Spam player with unknown website!

I know this sound like a joke but this is serious! I keep encounter some unknown player spam website on every block. Which can happened on Ship 1-4!

So yeah I did reported them since there must be A.I bot! If you see them spamming website then report them now. and don't be fooled by that website since it will trick you.

If you are using Xbox one, you can still get Microsoft points on Xbox one but if you are using can still get point on it as well. Just DON'T listening to those A.I bot with spam website. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense but you understand once you played this!

If you have question then please let me know...if I put this in the wrong forum then warn me about it.

that is not a player is a bot there are several of then and looks like soon will be a mass ban of then but I expect they will come back

Yeah, there always keep coming back all the time. I hope they are banned on this! I keep getting this on Xbox & PC as well.