question on Braver skill and whats to come for braver with the new season

Hello, I have finally got my braver up to 70, was wondering what i can expect with the new season when it arrives so i can start preparing for that and also i was just making sure cause i havent found the skill yet, so im guessing it isnt in this version yet. But the Sakura-endo type 0 hasnt been released yet has it? havent gotten it from any discs yet

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by new "season", but the next Skill update will be when we get lv85; at that point Braver will get a 0SP Skill called "Braver Combination" (fan translation) which automatically raises Braver's Critical Hit rate by 50% for both Katana and Bow, and lets you conserve Katana Focus' released state by switching over to Bow.

On the Global version, the Photon Art Sakura Endo is localized as Cherry Blossom Finale, and the Zero version of it is obtained via Crafting.

sorry went offline shortly after posting, by season i meant episodes, like i think we are currently in 4? And ty! I was lost searching for the wrong spelling of it