PSO2 EP 5 Character Names (SPOILERS)

So I don't know a whole lot about Episode 5 (and I'd like to keep it that way), but I do know that some classic characters make a return to the story. Given how different character names became in past localizations, what names do you think they'll be given when the content comes to NA?

I think it's a given that Alis will retain Alis instead of Alisa or the butchered Aliser. I feel like they'll do Lutz instead of Noah too but you never know.

Seeing as how the game Sega Heroes even called her Alis Landale, I feel like it may be a given they will stick with the norm and call her as such. Buuuut I'm not 100% certain. We are treading unknown ground with this group of localizers since some terms have changed (sato > chat).

If they want to continue references to deities, I can see them using Varuna and Mitra. For Valna's surname, I'd wager on La Shiec as a reference to the antagonist in Phantasy Star 1. Although it was originally localized Lassic, this was changed to Lashiec in Phantasy Star 4 so this could go either way...

Yeah I've done La Shiec in my own translations, though I do think Lassic rolls much better off the tongue. They've been pretty good at localizing old terms thus far like Dark Falz, so it makes me think they'll make the right decisions, but I just hope they don't choose anything too bad lol

@Monomate Regarding Sato... that one's always been inconsistent:

Original Japanese Text: シャト

Romaji: "Shato"

PSO1 Localization: Sato

PSU Localization: Shato

PSZ Localization: Chato

PSO2 Localization (2013/SEA): Shato

PSO2 Localization (2020): Chat

Supposedly... the name originates from a Katakana interpretation of the French word for Cat, "Chat".

That makes me wonder if Sega even has set names for these terms. I'm sure Chat is the most accurate, but it definitely makes me even more curious if they'll keep the old MS/Genesis names or use something more accurate. It doesn't seem like they're working off any guidebooks, so we're safe from Aliser in that case lmao

@ApollosAmour Yeah usually the most recent terminology is what gets used... when they aren't forgetting what the terms were in the first place or making new ones up.

The action of timing your attacks in PSU was known as "Just Attacks" which is a literal translation of the Japanese version and which the fanbase came to use due to the PSO2 Fan Translation using it. However, Phantasy Star Portable 2 used "Perfect Attack" and this ended up being the term that would be used in both PSO2 localizations (SOA's 2013: "Perfect Strike", 2020: "Perfect Attack").

That's pretty interesting. I wonder why they don't stick to cemented terms like that. At least they stick around for a while it seems lol