Fashion you're looking forward to seeing on Global

Cause great googly moogly the forums could use a bit more positivity. As the title implies, what outfits, Parts, accessories, etc are you looking forward to seeing in the global version of the game? I'm personally looking forward to the Galeos Set, b0950cb8-131b-4c1b-b0e2-cc225fc0e64e-image.png I adore the Head Part to this and can't wait to finalize my Zekt cosplay. I'm also excited for the Magnaregia Set from an upcoming Sg Scratch. f515ea20-495b-42b8-b51e-83c5e6fc915e-image.png It feels like a natural evolution of the Ronia and Regia Sets and even kind of reminds me of Magnamon. I'm gonna be saving my Star gems for this when it comes out..

I haven't looked up a ton of fashions yet since some have spoilers, but I reaaalllllyyy wanted the speedos so I'm glad we got them. lmao

I saw there's a Rolf outfit later down the line that I'd really love to try out.

Freaks Freak [Ou]. You just can't go wrong with a shoulder exposing coat.

The Phantasy Star classic AC Scratch is pretty much single-handedly why I don't plan to use any of the Game Pass and Ragol Pack AC tickets for a while.


Beyond that... would be nice to see some of the early JP AC Scratches that have thematic Phantasy Star looks. Like the Bouncer signature class outfits that also had casino outfits thrown in.


(There are definitely a few paid fashion items PC has never had access to that would be great if they came back, but in the interest of maintaining topic positivity won't name or show images of those.)

@Miraglyth I really want that lol I wish we had an Odin/Tyron outfit too.

I'd like to see the FFxiv content reappear on global

Just want my Jean Do back. Was released before PC (The NPC Wrights outfit)

@Captain-Char Oh right I forgot about that! I would love the moogle mag.

White Foot Wings

Calico Head Riding Cat

Black solid color Cat Tail (also want the white variant too)

Dunno if these are here yet from fresh finds shop or whatever it's called, but I did not see them in any ac scratch post.

A proper pair of wings and a better tail for me to use in my Succubus look.

But as I don't know too much of item specifics, I like to be surprised.

@n_n The calico was in fresh finds. I have it on in my icon. I hope some previous FFS stuff makes a return eventually.


I see... looks like I started playing a tad late... that's one of my favorite accessories and I missed out on it. 😞

Hopefully they do get revived someday, yeah.

@n_n I missed out on the Dreamcast mag since that was for Xbox only, but they ended up reissuing it so I finally got a chance at it. That at least gives me hope that the stuff in fresh finds isn't a one-time deal.

@ApollosAmour I see, so there's some hope. thanks.

I want the Danmachi collab just for the Armeure Hair GV; though it is possible we may see the hair in a different scratch if the collab can't happen as it is not a collab item. I have a thing for two-color hairs.