[SHIP 3] Owner Registration Confusion

I purchased Nemesis Fists and Daggers from the Item Shop and were able to Cancel Owner Registration. 20200822013718_1.jpg

However I obtained Yamato Fists from an Unappraised Weapon Drop(enhanced appraised it) and Gix Katana from a Drop, and I'm not able to Cancel Owner Registration. 20200822014134_1.jpg

Very confused on why those 2 items binded to my account.

When you say bind what do you mean? Where you trying to trade or gift them? Any stars higher than 12 can only be put in the market for sale. I doesn't look like you put anything in them, as once you do they become registered to your name.

@ERICK001BC Thanks foe the reply. I actually totally forgot that I didn't even try to put them on the item shop yet and I baselessly assumed I wasn't able to. I'll give it a shot asap.

EDIT: I saw the blue "denied" symbol and assumed it binded.

@Genesis Ah yeah that just means it can not be traded. Glad to help.

Hay can anyone help me Idk why atlas weapon bind with me now I can't trade it to zig can anyone help?