Fix Tokyo and Vegas for Dailies Please!

With Tokyo and Vegas finally in proper rotation of the dailies, they should be same way as the rest of the expeditions... as in 1 run for all 3 daily boost orders.

But that is not the case. As it stands now they have to be ran on Extreme, which is fine, for a chance on getting the daily boost boss but even then you don't guarantee a spawn before getting max quest points.

Yesterday on Tokyo, the T-Rex didn't spawn on super or extreme i had to run it on normal to finish that daily.

So please fix Tokyo and Vegas for the daily rotation. make all 3 daily boost orders complete-able in one run and make the boss a guarantee spawn on SH+. Vegas Illusia finally spawned on VH..

Even though they won't be dailies again until September 5 and 6

Vegas is a big problem and has been ever since it was implemented on JPN, with the only guarantees of Vegas Illusia being in the second solo Extreme Quest and Endless Quests (both of which are not yet implemented). It's to the point where I never take Vegas DOs except for the kill 20 Phantasms one since it can be completed in Tokyo.

However, the Tokyo ones are much less dependent on random spawns, as long as you avoid the Expedition. The second Tokyo ARKS Quest has a set layout of enemies, including 2 T-Rexes and always ends in Train Gidran, and the Tokyo Time Attack Quest also has a set layout with almost enough of every enemy to clear any Tokyo enemy Daily Order in a single run (it is one short of Heat-Packing Zombies, Brown Bears, and Polar Bears, and you have to wait a bit for Tanks and extra Helicopters to spawn in the boss area).

@AndrlCh Ty very much for the info!

I never did really think to try those other quests tho i did do gold key for tokyos daily.

Although, having them doable in expeditions would be fantastic.