Early pso2 day? I think they got their time wrong

Says 5pm on 8/21, but I just saw a summer Rappy 😕

if you are seeing summer rappies then is not PSO2 day, when is PSO2 day you gonna see ARKS Rappies

@Jamesmor their announcements say 5pm today to 5am 23rd.

@Noctosis their announcement is for the bonus to those who have premium active, however PSO2 day will only happen tomorrow

@Jamesmor arks Rappy just showed up for me.

They've extended it to 36 hours this time. It went live 90 mins ago.


@Jamesmor Right, but that's basically his point. PSO2 day was supposed to have started by the time he made his post, it was extended to start at 5 pacific/ 8 eastern on the 21st this time, so the time they advertised would've been incorrect.


Found ARKS rappies.

They dropped snorkels...

@Ukyo-Sonoda ARKS Rappies have the same drop pool as whatever seasonal Rappy is currently implemented, just with the Rappy Egg, Mini ARKS Rappy Suit, and ARKS Fever augment added to said drop pool.

I felt like they purposely extended the PSO2 day time due to the large time zone this game covers currently. Setting it to 36h is perfect which NA and EU time zone users can enjoy the time fully.