[Ship 1] Dere LLC is recruiting active players. We have active Discord, New and Vet players is welcome. **FULL**

Still recruiting "newbie ARKS"?

Yes Keigo. If you are interested let me know.

I've send an applicaton. Kinda hard to find ya in game but i made it. DID I PASS? XD

@Dziki94 awesome. I'll have an officer get you in. I DM ya our discord invite.

Monday Bump~ come give us a shot.

Myself and a few friends are looking for a new alliance. The main thing we want out of an alliance is people to run Challenge Quests with. We're not experts at it, and we don't expect anyone else to be either. We just want people to run them with on a weekly basis.

Please let me know if this would be the right Alliance for us.

Hello @Have-the-Knack . I'll be honest with you, we dont have many people that plays challenge quest. Maybe once in a while we do a alliance challenge event but I don't think its going to be a weekly thing. If you and your friends may still be interested just let me know but I do hope you guys find the perfect home that matches your needs.

Hi, Im new to the game but I love it already. I was hoping to join your clan

@TheRealJking291 awesome do you use discord ? If so you can DM your discord info.

Bumpity Bump~

Are you still recruiting? Looking for a group to leech Persona trigger xD (I have a few myself but nobody to run with)

Aside that above, I want a change of pace and want to play with others, at least in challenging contents or UQs

Yes we have space. I will DM you with info

Got some great new members. Come join an active alliance for Ep6 Content. 🙂

Ep6 bump~

@Albedo im interested