[Ship 1] Dere LLC is recruiting active players. We Have active Discord, New and Vet players is welcome.

Dere LLC is looking for active members on Ship 1. We are a friendly group of players who like to have fun in PSO2.

Like to farm for items? We have players who love doing those.

Like to lobby grind? We also have players who enjoy doing those as well

Like to simp the cute RMT sellers? If that flows your boat we also have players that loves doing that as well.

We are not a hardcore alliance by any means but we do run content and have UQ grouping most times. We are very new player friendly as well so if you are new don't be shy to DM to join.

We have a very active discord and a weekly raffle where you can win meseta.

Once again we are Dere LLC and we hang out on Block 3. Feel free to come hang out with us.

Our only requirement is to just cap the AP(Alliance Point) weekly.

Yours truly,


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We are still looking for active members! If you are still on the fence feel free to just come by and hang out with us on Block 3.

Bumping this up. We have a few more spots left. Come give me a DM if you are interested.

Bumping this. We still looking for active members 🙂

I was wondering if I may join cause I haven't played in a long while and wanted to get into the game again fresh, currently downloading but yeah hope it's alright.

My IGN is Alist

Disregard gonna find another alliance

Ok no worries. Let me know if you change your mind.

Dere LLC still have some open spots left. Feel free to post here or DM me.

Can i join the Alliance I'm pretty new to the game

@Sinkashumi ofcourse as long as you are active. I'll DM you for your info. Are you on ship 1?

Yes I'm on ship 1

What's your in game name ?

@Albedo my in game name is Maria