Custom weapon Camo

If it already exists in the game and I ask for something already existing, please tell me. (I'm fairly new with the PC release)

The game has a Weapon Transmutation system, which is quite a good start, but doing the same thing over and over for the same weapon skin is somewhat annoying. I'm not trying to dodge stargem costs, those come free in the game anyways for active players.

What I would like to suggest is a Weapon Camo that can be created from a weapon. Fine if it costs AC even, I consider that to be the price of a F2P title, but a way to have less hassle with changing weapons would be great.

Except for the cost, I agree that they should add a feature to allow any weapon to be made into a Weapon Camo. They should also add a Unit Camo feature, and also allow any Unit to be made into a Unit Camo. I read that in the JP version it is possible to fully grind for a Weapon Transmutation Change Pass by soloing Ultimate Quests, which give a Weapon Transmutation Aux Pass, up to 5 times per day. Since 150 of those Aux Passes can be exchanged for the full Change Pass, that means after 30 days of doing that you can get it without spending SG. So I think that this new Weapon/Unit Camo feature should have a similar grind to earn it for free, or optionally pay SG to just buy it.