Best Game and Worst Game at the same time

Reinstalling the game for the 6th time.

I have played so many online PC games. Lots of emulators too, which required pages of installation instructions. I even played PSO2 JP through the tweaker, which wasn't the hardest thing in the world but it was something extra to do.

NEVER have I had to reinstall a game more than once, if at all. If I look at this game funny or sneeze I have to reinstall.

Thanks in advance for telling me to use the Tweaker or Steam. My point will always be that this is beyond ineptitude and travels into utter disdain for the client base.

get steam version

Tbqh sega doesnt care about NA at all (they just see you as a dollar sign) and this is just one of the many examples a person could come up with. People generally read this type of statement as a complaint; but its just stating something that is factually accurate.

Also get steam version.