[Positivity Thread] What do you love about PSO2?

@Endu-L Agreed. I wonder if the lobby music will change like it did during the Sonic event.

I love the combat! I’ve been looking for a replacement for a dying game I play, this has replaced it completely.

I love the cosmetics and customization, it’s not anything new anymore but I still think it’s very well done. I’ve made my D&D characters with ease.

I love the concerts! It’s a completely unique feature and the interactive play is something special.

I love how generous the game is. I come from a lot of F2P with a lot of unfair micro transactions. You could spend $200 and not get the outfit you wanted and it’s never tradable. This game guarantees the item I want after so many purchases. I’m never locked out of some super exclusive outfit, I can collect them all. Character slots, ship transfer, mags and various passes are ALL cheap! Because the price point is so good, I spend more.

I love the Urgent Quests, I don’t have to set up or wait for a party. I just show up and it’s go time. I’ve had a good experience for every single one!

Not tying the game play to mandatory story content.

I can't express how nice it is to be able to just jump into the game's new content without having to slog through cutscene after cutscene to be "allowed" to experience whatever new stuff drops in a patch, and on that same page, having so, so much of the game being account-wide unlocked, rather than on a character to character basis.

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy PSO2's story for what it is - an over the top anime storyline slapped into a hack and slash loot game, but it's just nice to not be forced to play through the story if I don't want to, and instead be able to just jump right into a new expedition or quest in the game.

Anyone whose played XIV will know exactly what I'm t alking about, and why PSO2 is such a nice breath of fresh air from that. It's one thing to need to level through a new expansion's content once on a character for the sake of having to level up to be able to paricipate in the endgame (like how WoW does), and another entirely to literally be told "You may not do this thing until you've experienced our story, now start watching cut-scenes, plebian" like how SE does with XIV.

It's a minor thing, but I really can't express how much I love that Story and Gameplay are entirely separate in PSO2, and the story is 110% optional.

I enjoy the character customization. Layerwear only having 3 components seems like it should feel more restrictive after coming from FF14, but I feel like the parts in this are easier to mix+match than FF14, where a lot of glamous I'll find don't work well because the colors just don't match up after dyeing or something. It probably helps that this has accessories you can toss on a bunch of places. The way that outerwears/accessories auto-match color (along with outerwear also having a dedicated dye slot) helps a lot too.

@Anarchy-Marine said in [Positivity Thread] What do you love about PSO2?:

@Endu-L Agreed. I wonder if the lobby music will change like it did during the Sonic event.

Apparently the Sakura lobby music was this in JP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwP0sgWXMCI

@Blade-Syphon I know this is the positivity thread, but just a heads up, there is content that is locked behind Story progress in Episode 5, specifically Buster Quests (the unlocking of Dark Blasts is also tied to specific Story Quests, but those can alternatively be unlocked by running specific UQs and/or fighting specific enemies), though it is just the first Chapter of Episode 5, which you can access immediately without having to play Episodes 1 to 4. That is assuming they don't change it for the Global version.

As for positivity, I am glad that over the years they have kept the game updated with QoL changes that keep it from feeling completely dated, and that the majority of those changes were implemented immediately on the Global server. I would never wish for new players to have to experience the slow, restrictive gameplay any of the classes as they were in Episode 1.

I always like how positive the community can be in-game or on other platforms.

This place isn't very positive since all the negativity from other platforms seems to filter down to here, but once I'm out of that mindset from being here, it's like day and night. It's refreshing imo to be reminded of that.

@Blade-Syphon I hated that about XIV. I play every MMO taking the story into account since it's one of my favorite parts of any game, but even XIV got old. There's just too many quests and you're expected to do all of them just to unlock basic features.

If things do turn out like @AndrlCh said, then at least PSO2 is pretty kind about jumping through story content. No monetized skipping like XIV. You don't even have to go through sub-story scenes either afaik.


It’s really not a good first impression to walk into, just pages upon pages of negativity. The actual game looks much more joyful so I’m glad I checked out the game first before looking at the forums. Every game has their problems and every official forum has those complaints but there’s honestly so little threads on here that there’s no break from “everything is bad”

@Milk Tell me about it. I played the game first as well and loved it. The people were great to me.

Then I came here and it put the idea in my head that there was a lot wrong with the game. Once I realized it was mostly just pure negativity, I didn't feel that way anymore. But it still gets to me sometimes until I hop in-game or post elsewhere and get back to positivity.

The RNG. 🙂

Pretty much everything I have seen so far.


And that's fine. There's a mountain of difference of having to do a short questline to unlock something, and going through literally 40 hours of un-interactive cut-scenes as you level just to be able to raid (with skipping cutscenes not even cutting that amount of wasted time by half). Like I said, questing and doing some story stuff to access specific content is absolutely fine, such as what WoW does. But having to, say, go through all of Episode 4 to be able to do any Urgent Quests (similar to how XIV requires you tog o through litreally all forms of story content to access ANY Dungeon, Raid, or instanced content), not fine.

Anyway you swing it, Sega just handles it better with PSO2 compared to XIV.

What I love about PSO2 is that it's remarkably faithful to the original PSO.

Even though I didn't play PSO when it first came out (I acquired my Dreamcast only a couple of years ago), my first several hours of playing PSO2 left me with a huge smile on my face because of the intense nostalgia! Same terminology, same sound effects, same music sometimes... it was lovely. It allowed me to get very comfortable with PSO2 very quickly.

Yet, it's not a mere re-hash. PSO2 is a marked improvement and expansion upon what was already one of my favorite video games. So, yes, for example we start in the Forest and fight some very similar enemies as the original game, but all the extra polish of PSO2 is done well.

PSO2 is absolutely deserving of being "PSO2" and not "this other game we made which we're gonna call a sequel." It really shows.

One of my all-time favorite things to do is run around, kill monsters and level up -- but usually not online. PSO and PSO2 is the rare exception for me.

That's what I love about it.

I share similar feelings as the person above, while adding that SEGA took the best of all the PSO games, PSU included, and rolled them all into one game.

@Endu-L I love all the gullible and reliably exploitable non-veteran players that are easily manipulated into buying my easy to procure stuff from my player shop.