[Positivity Thread] What do you love about PSO2?

Loved PSO1, Loving PSO2 even more.

  • Combo based action combat!

  • Phasion!!

  • Community [Ship 02 / B-42]

Post a picture of your character with your replies! rare portal.jpg

The non-fanservice costumes that let me look like the badass I envision my character to be instead of the corner worker everyone else looks like.

Except that's not a thing.

Been a fan of the entire series (first was PS2, which was bought by accident instead of FF4, at... gasp... K.B. Toys, yeah I am that old) It's not overtly overly serious, nor is it the best. It knows what it is, and that is what keeps the series alive.

Plus I can, and slowly gender bending my main I to Gungrave.

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Would love to see more love for PSO2 guys!

Creative thinking when it comes to your personal room! How you can make an unique outfit. Always love the mag concept (good old days). The causal game play with friends and that feeling you get when the rainbow pops up. The music track! You don’t lose anything (sometimes you just need a break from full loot games) which is relaxing at times. Like a punching bag feel for your brain! Stress reliever! Story line is actually cool.

Almost forgot..........concert is unique adds extravaganza!

This is my first Phantasy Star. I've translated some books for PSO1 and the older games so I know a fair bit, but I've never had the honor of playing one until now.

  • The plot gets a ton of flack, but I honestly really enjoy it so far. The last real space JRPG I got into was Xenosaga and I loved it, so I'm glad there's something that can actively fill that void left behind.

  • The amount of creativity I'm able to have is amazing. I like creating SAs and making my room and having free reign with my character. Everything is in moderation naturally, but the amount of freedom I have is great.

  • The game is really casual and laid back. The premium system doesn't feel too predatory or in your face, the gear progression is more tailored to what I want to do rather than BIS or bust, and I'm able to run around and do what I want without ever feeling like I'm being held at gunpoint. lol

  • In a lot of ways, I'm kind of being taken back to my time on Gaia Online. I was practically raised on that site and stayed there for half my life, but it went downhill in so many ways. Being here sort of gives me that sense of home I've been missing but without the screwed up economy or staff. lol

  • Just having fun. I'm not sure what more I need to say. I've been having a blast and despite the ups and downs, it's been very much worth it so far. Call me a shill or a boot licker, but I just don't see the flaws in the same light that everyone else seems to.


Concert concert concert.

Oh and rappies, but mostly CONCEEEERTs.

I wish they appeared more often 🐱

The nostalgia. The music. The PA's. The classes. Parrying. The social aspect.

I love the sheer number of options for character fashion. I love games that really give me the ability to create a unique look for my characters and PSO2 is by far one of the best in that regard.

@Lorient So far it's the best balance of character and clothing customization I've experienced in an MMO. Most excel in one area but fail in others, whereas PSO2 is pretty decent in all areas.

@ApollosAmour Hell yeah, I agree with ya on that.

There's ton of customization in many MMO's but so far PSO2 has taken the cake with accessory placement customization and 3 layer costumes that you can mix and match as you want on top of Cast customization with the parts.

@SleeprunnerInc For sure. It's always really disappointing when MMOs use too many templates that can't be altered. There isn't much in PSO2 that can't be customized. I'd love it if we could have textured dyes like FFXIV or BDO or custom textures like MS2 or ArcheAge, but I don't feel like I need them.

@ApollosAmour Heck yeah.

I would love if you had a symbol template system much akin to Symbol arts so you could create like an alliance clothing or personal clothing.

Granted we would probably have some people creating some very weird things but we can easily filter them out.

@SleeprunnerInc True but they'd get deleted a lot faster if they were on clothes and accessories lol