Take a look at the fresh finds shop (ARKS Mission - Main Mission)

Hey everyone. So, I have a mission under ARKS Missions - Main Mission and it says to "Take a look at the Fresh Finds Shop" and to complete it I need to go to AC Menu and open Fresh Finds Shop. This isn't possible right now as they have taken down the shop. I got this mission I think as apart of a chain from being a new player and I'm pretty sure that there are more missions behind this. Does anyone know a way to bypass this so the mission can be completed and the next one can pop up? Thank you.

you can't bypass it however you can still fulfill the requirements of the other missions and they will be completed right after you finish this one, I don't remember which one comes after this one but I know most of the missions are related to the story and expeditions and some to Cofy, Jan and 1 with Io

If I remember right, the missions behind the fresh finds shop one are one for the Personal Shop (conduct product search) and one for the EX-Cube Exchange Shop (use the shop). So you aren't missing many. As Jamesmor said, it's just fine doing other missions for now.

Only way to bypass is to wait for Fresh Finds to come back up.