[Ship 1] SHINY Alliance is Recruiting! NA & EU Welcome [Discord READY, ALL Players Welcome] ★★★

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★ SHINY recruitment is OPEN and we want you, the exceptional player that you are, to consider us for your Alliance home! Fashion is our forte and we pride ourselves in kicking ass and looking good while doing it, so join us TODAY for good times with good people! ★

Update: All SHINY events are PST based for NA players, but wait EU player base we are here for you too! We have open the flood gates to any and all EU ARKS looking for an alliance with events based off GMT +1. For an invite, contact any one of our officers in-game Critafur, Samantha, ValkyrieLumina, Rayzer0 and Eduardoclz, usually located on our home block B-007!

★ Prefer to talk directly to the baus lady? Message her on Discord at Kirana#4386 and she will get back to you promptly! ★

♪ What Can SHINY Offer You? ♪

  • Community, good friends & good times.
  • Ever-changing Alliance H.Q.
  • Lv. 6+ Tree Buffs on the READY!
  • Ultimate Quests, Abductions, C.M., PvP and Casino Movie NIGHTS!
  • Being one of the most fabulously dressed individuals on Ship #1! C=

♫ Member Requirements ♫

  • Display a Mature Personality.
  • Active in-game throughout the week (not just on Alliance Event nights).
  • Have mutual respect for everyone in the Alliance.
  • The use of Discord while playing PSO2 is encouraged.

Hello I'm looking to merge my small friend alliance (2 people) with yours. In other words can we join. we mostly play on Xbox and I personally looking for more reasons to login besides bonuses.

Very well presented OP, Have applied 🙂

@Trooper-S96 I would be happy to absorb you guys. Please message me in-game, I'm available all night!

@MrLinderman Welcome to the fold MrLinders! C=

@kiranafiore-0 what time do you usually play so i can send you guys the merge request?

@Trooper-S96 2:00 pm PST - 12:00 am PST (or later)

@Trooper-S96 you are probably better off contacting me through Discord when you are available for the merger. See the OP for my Discord name!

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JOIN SHINY TODAY, because Tamatoa is GRAND!


Interested to join, active EU player (Ra/Hu lv75 - Id Kleshta), looking for a nice bunch of people 🙂 Already applied to the alliance. Cheers.

Update made regarding our open arms to all EU ARKS! Join the SHINY fold TODAY!

Still bumping for recruitment! =D

I just want to add here that I've been a member of this alliance since June, and it's a very chill group of people. Also, I hear the officers are pretty cool.

To any and all Oceanic players Come join us, I know there isn't many floating about in Ship 1 but I'm keen to build up our OCE presence, happy to help any newbies in that time zone that want to level as well 🙂

P.S Shiny rocks. such a great Alliance to be part of

ALways recruiting for amazing people and players! Hit us up and JOIN SHINY TODAY!