Help with upgrading a PC to max NGS graphic settings at 60+FPS.

I know we don't know the system requirements for NGS yet, and that's why I'm asking here to field some ideas on how I would build a system that could foreseeably ensure that I will be able to play NGS at 60+FPS and max graphical settings.

My current system needs replacing, it's several years old and giving me problems, but it feels like such a sensitive time to upgrade without knowing the system requirements.

So I'm looking for some recommendations, with the little we know about the circumstances, such as it's availability on Xbox series X, on what you believe would undoubtedly make this game run at 60 frames+ while also being on max settings (4k a bonus but 1080p fine). Mostly looking for GPU and CPU recommendations as that's where it's gonna count.

GPU: ? CPU: ?

Get the ones with the highest price tag, and if that still doesn't do it, then it can't be done anyways. :3

Since we're about to have a new generation of both CPUs and GPUs, and we know nothing about NGS minimum requirements, the sane thing to do would be to see NGS benchmarks vs current at the time the game is out hardware. That said, if your situation calls for buying a new PC before NGS, the following will be a bit of a guesswork post.

CPU: Without going into a TL;DR post, AMD CPUs are the better value propositions compared to Intel. Due to PS5/Xbox series X having 8 cores, CPU is also recommended to have 8 cores 16 threads so that running console ports doesn't run into trouble, so whatever Ryzen 3700 replacement on Zen3 architecture will be called, Ryzen 4700 or whatever the new name is.

GPU: Jap games typically have low requirements and I don't believe NGS will have any fancy raytracing needing higher hardware, with that said for 1080p I would still grab the Nvidia midrange as the safe option that will definitely run NGS on ultra settings all graphics maxed sliders in the rightmost position thing, Geforce 3060 or whatever the new midrange is called. Likewise 4K also probably won't have any outrageous requirements, Geforce 3080 will probably run it, wouldn't even be surprised if 3060 or 3070 can handle it but 3080 should be the safe bet.

AMD side is a bit of a wildcard. Although AMD videocards typically have slightly better price/performance, they also tend to run into issues like drivers. Based on current internet rumormill, RDNA2 based Big Navi cards could be really great and it's possible all the issues are fixed now, but since it's AMD it's also a 50/50 odds we're in for Another Massive Disappointment.

I think to get the most out of it, something like this.

If not, you can always buy the new xbox.

I'm planning to just run it on a GTX 980 Ti for 1080p 60fps. GTX 1070 Ti can be in the same price range if you want something more new, these are really just cheap budget options for GPU.

This is a nice benchmark video for the 980 Ti:

Not sure about CPU or 4k options.