Playing a Katana Braver, what should I feed my Mag?

I'm currently level 51 in my Braver class, and I focus on Katana purely. What captures my attention is what should I start feeding my Mag? I still havent setup my Mag yet because I dont want to make mistakes.

Your two choices are DEX and MEL-Pwr.

  • MEL-Pwr: If you are using just Katana this is a nice solid option that also allows you to use non-Braver Melee-class combos (like Hu/Fi) if you ever get bored or want a change from Braver.
  • DEX: Thanks to Barver's Mag Skill, all DEX on your Mag is converted MEL-Pwr and RNG-Pwr at a 1:1 ratio, meaning a 200 DEX Mag is like having both a 200 MEL-Pwr and 200 RNG-Pwr Mag equipped at the same time. This is beneficial since it makes your backup Bow (a recommendation to have to deal with enemies that gain weapon resistance, like Anga) a bit more powerful. Additionally, if you decide to sub-class as Phantom when it is released, Phantom's own DEX Mag Skill will stack with Braver's, giving you 400 MEL-Pwr and 400 RNG-Pwr. The biggest downside is that a DEX mag is useless on any class combo that doesn't have Braver, Bouncer, or Phantom in it.

What should I feed my mag to increase DEX?

@Charus Aside from DEX Mini Devices from the Photon Sphere Shop, PA and Tech Discs are the best way to raise your Mag's DEX, all without raising any other stat. Custom/Crafted PA and Tech discs in particular give a large number of DEX points.