Bought Premium Set 60, haven't received item nor premium


i bought, the Premium Set (60 Days) around 4 days ago, but had an error while doing so. Relogged, AC were gone but the item showed up as purchased in my Shop Log.

However there was nothing in my inventory, and nothing in my storage as well. (looked it up multiple times obviously) Also premium isn't activated.

I wrote a support ticket, but no reply either, which honestly is annoying considering it is a good amount of money i spend for nothing.

How long does it usually take for Sega to even respond to those sort of problems/work on your ticket?

This happened to me as well with a Premium Pack (30 Days) purchased last week. I also have not received a response. In another thread, a user says they have been waiting since April to receive their purchased items.

Not sure what to do. This is a terrible practice by the company; take money, and then do nothing. No items received, no support given, nothing.

The game is fun, but nothing is fun enough to put up with being stolen from.

I 100% agree with you.

The whole AC charged, but no item received, seems like a real scam at this point, with more and more people reporting in the same problem and not getting any sort of feedback at all.

Support doing nothing, GM's doing nothing, i'm seriously pissed and start to think that this is even intentional. I've never experienced any company in the whole world taking more than 48 hours to give you any sort of reply if you contacted customer services.

And here we are, with reports of sega/pso2 support taking up to a month or more to even reply.

I'm starting to think they wait so long to reply so that they can say the item was already used. If they wait over a month and then reply to me, they will surely say that it was a purchase I made a month ago and the 30-days were already used. In spite of the fact that no Premium benefits have ever been active on my account, and my purchase history proves I purchased the Premium Pass.

Yeah i thought about that too already. It's actually the exact same thing for me. It shows up in my "Shop Log", the AC are gone as well. The item never showed up in my inventory, storage or visionphone, which i all check on a daily basis, as well as it's not activated.

Super damn annoying to see nothing being done here at all.