Average day in PSO2

  • Log in.
  • Pick rewards.
  • Collect SG.
  • Check market sells.
  • Check for Bar Lodos 250k quest.
  • Check FF, dead.
  • Don't check AC scratch because NOTHING FOR CAST AGAIN. (Memes like TRAIN parts don't count when we're missing like 45 sets of parts in 3 color variants and got EP5 stuff at EP3).
  • Check CM ranking, dropped second place with first place with a famous JP cheater.
  • AFK or logout because every UQ and new content is mediocre and useless as we have Nemesis/Slave weapons which extremelly surpass them and there's 0 reasons to run anything new.

We sure got played with EP4's content so far.

I'm glad I just actually have fun playing the game. It must be pretty miserable playing a game you don't actually like playing.

@plamplight Sadly in my, uh, 1300 played hours, I exhausted content. I was happily waiting for EP4 for new stuff to do but, uh, that didn't happen.

I feel like it should be fairly obvious by now how PSO2 plays. This sort of reminds me of the people that maxed every job during Oracle and then ran out of things to do and went on hiatus.

@ApollosAmour said in Average day in PSO2:

I feel like it should be fairly obvious by now how PSO2 plays. This sort of reminds me of the people that maxed every job during Oracle and then ran out of things to do and went on hiatus.

I want stuff to do. EP4 delivered nothing yet. Yamato could've been great but for some reason we got the old useless version.

@Shirokami07 Wow 1300 hours! That's not very much. The PSO games are effectively just sci-fi diablo games with a social element, if you don't have fun just running around fields killing monsters and collecting loot (even if the loot isn't direct progression to your characters power) these really aren't the games for you.

You have to realize this content was originally spaced over several years, and content was trickle fed at a significantly slower rate and people still played religiously. Even back in the PSO days, when the game launched that was it as they had no "meaningful" way of updating the game and yet people still clocked tens of thousands of hours without issue.

@Shirokami07 I guess it's subjective, but Idk. I love the new content so far and haven't run out of things to do. If the new battle mode, new UQs, new ultimate, new story episode, new expeditions, new concert, new characters with new COs, new scratches, etc. aren't enough, then Idk what to tell you. The game's always going to be as it is now as far as I can tell. Hopefully you have more fun in NGS in that case.

Let's see:

  • 1300 hours was enough to get to the top of gear progression
  • In the JP version we didn't have wrong gear releases which powercrept absolutely everything like Nem/Slave do
  • Running around in fields without reason was never ever done, not even in my 6500+ hours in JP. Nice try to bullshit tho.
  • By the way, I play since JP beta when FI/GU/TE didn't even exist.
  • New battle mode is full of cheaters and people ruining matches
  • New UQs don't give anything useful and I already have 7k excubes.
  • New Ultimate drops more of the same, unless someone got an Ares 14*? Haven't seen any yet. No reason to do it other than greed.
  • New story episode done in first day.
  • New expedition? No reason to do that at all.
  • New concert? That's the only redeeming thing in EP4.
  • New chars with their blah blah come on their voice lines are all a mess.
  • New scratches? I play CAST so that should answer enough.

Then go back to JP? I don't know why everyone that plays JP gets so upset with NA/Global and feels the need to air it. It's a constant trend at this point.

I'm not pissed with NA/Global. I'm pissed that they released Nemesis/Slaves way too early, thus making every single content to date and until end of EP4 completely irrelevant for gear progression. Why did they do that? If they could tweak drop tables that way why are they not keeping new content relevant?

I don't understand.

@Shirokami07 said in Average day in PSO2:

Nice try to bullshit tho.

Honey I've been with this franchise since PSO on GC, all through PSU / PSPo1&2, and off and on since the JP PSO2 beta as well. If you don't have fun just playing the game, this isn't the franchise for you. If you're looking for a game where there's constant non-stop progression to your character go play ArcheAge or something, or just go back to JP.

This is exactly why I am playing casually this time around. Well that and trying to finish my steam library by 2021...ish.


I'm not looking for constant non-stop progression buddy, but it's been what, 3 months now? Without anything to do gear progression wise

This is the result of being too good at the game, too dedicated, or a combination of both. Perhaps you think you are going slow but you are still shooting past everyone because you are naturally efficient. I hope you are using that natural talent and efficiency also in real life to make yourself rich. It'd be a waste if you use it only in games (unless you want to go e-sports pro and become a celebrity)

But yeah, really, what to say. You go too fast in a game and each and every game will be short to you and get you bored. You need to put your time somewhere else or take it slower with games.

Don't take anything I said the wrong way, though. I've chatted with some talented players in the past with similar issues, who are most likely making 6 figure earnings because they were that good at things. That, or they are still topping out at every game they find and getting bored of it all.

I'm loving the game so far. New player here.