Io's Party Maneuvers II is missing ingame text (Solution below)


For anyone wants to know what the actual texts is, it is "Complete any Free Quest or ARKS Quest ※ S rank clear with 2 or more players. " from

The translation you cited seems to be a pretty simplified version. The original CO text can be checked with the language text settings set to Japanese on the global version.


The objective of the quest is "Any Expedition, ARKS or Limited Time Quest 0/1".

The yellow text of Client Message (the detailed condition part) is something like "Form a party of two or more players before starting one of the quests listed in the objective. Then clear the quest with an S Rank." To make the actual condition clear, I didn't do a word-to-word translation here.

The translation you listed misses the Limited Time Quest part and the need to form the party before the quest start. Still, speaking of before quest start part, the original JP text is also a bit ambiguous because it's not clear when exactly is the "quest start". (It seems to be when someone in the party jumped into the telepool)

Anyway, it's pretty clear that the current English text of this client order on the global version is bugged. I hope they would have been fixed this BEFORE the campaign started.