Lottie's Berserk Quest Lines

Can we please please please make it so when you're doing Lottie's "Going Berserk Together" quest that the game will automatically spawn at least one berserk boss?

Ive done about 30 2-5 minute runs and have gotten zero berserk Gwandas. I do not need desert or this quest or anything in the area and am already max level on what I want (everything is 75 anyway) so there's zero benefit for me to be running this other than just completion.

Otherwise this is some insanely bad luck today!

My husband and I have actually been stuck on this as well. We only got through her last one due to doing it as an Advance Quest, but Gwanada isn't the boss in the Advance Quest so that doesn't really help. X__x

I can get why it can't be guaranteed (plus it would open the door of people asking on the rarer versions too for Girard's quests), but I do wish it was at least a bit more common. I feel like I almost always saw one that was before getting Lottie's quest.

Gwanada is a boss sometimes in City Advance Quest

@Vashzaron Yap; I was supplementing my desert spams with some City advanced; kept geting Regne lmao.

About ~50 desert runs and I finally got a berserk Gwanda. Maybe im just a statistical outlier =/