su/fi help

running su/fi and my lvl 15 perfectionist: melee ring seems to not be adding damage. above a certain hp threshold i get extra % melee damage, if i understand the ring correctly. made sure to activate pet switch strike skill so i know the pet is using melee damage and not tech. is the ring adding to my melee and not the pets? i assume that pet damage is a combination of the pet stats + summoners stats.

Pet damage is considered Tech damage even if you are using Switch Strike or Switch Shot, so you need to be using Perfectionist: Tech (R).

You need to remember a certain Pwr stat does not necessarily correspond to a certain damage type; there are various situations where a weapon or PA will cause a damage type that is different than its Pwr type, like Jet Boots using TEC-Pwr but causing Melee damage.


oh. my melee focused mag is a bit borked then huh? what im confused about now is, activating pet switch strike does increase my pets damage. so there has to be something going on with melee damage right?

@Toast-0 You are fine. Switch Strike makes it so that your Pet is using MEL-Pwr instead of TEC-Pwr, but it still counts as Tech Damage for multiplers. Just remember MEL-Pwr is not the same thing as Melee Damage.


that cleared it up for me, thanks!