Please stop putting AC and meseta items for SG in the fresh finds shop.


I personally don't like what you're doing. I doubt lots of other players like what you're doing with the fresh finds shop. Also making tradeable items untradeable is terrible. You guys can't even implement this correctly, with the fresh finds shop being closed after maintenance commonly (even if you could implement is correctly, it has no place in pso2). Having even less fashion that was tradeable now untradeable really sucks. You guys also do a new AC scratch like every week, we will eventually get to these AC scratch items in a AC scratch.

So I outlined a problem. I even have a solution for said problem.

Put only SG scratch items into the fresh finds shop. You guys seem to be scrambling to release SG scratch items quickly (since you have a very short SG scratch up now/ combined 2 of them together). You could have just put the extra ones you added into fresh finds. Add the treasure shop while you are at it like jp has to add said meseta fashion items (or put them in the fresh finds for MESETA and TRADEABLE)

Here's a picture of what fresh finds should probably look like: freshfinds.jpg

Anything not replaced with a white box is fine.

SG item = actual SG item, not converted from meseta or AC item A SG item is further defined here: Clicking SG scratch

I hope you consider this. You'd have a lot less annoyed players in regards to this and wouldn't have to have the fresh finds shop closed/need emergency maintenance to fix it. People will still be spending SG on SG items which is a non-issue. I want this game to do well.

If anyone is interested, I have many more suggestions here: I only made this topic because this is something I realllllllly want changed and it's better for everybody. The topic having one subject also makes it much easier to read than my other topic with 10+ subjects.

Have a nice day everybody! 😄

I do think this would be better. I'd also just take them leaving the items tradeable. (And honestly think if the SG scratch remains, those should be tradeable as having untradeable gachapon items is awful... The mission pass items frustrate me enough as I have nothing to do with them nor any use for more mission badges).

The meseta items would be fine if they weren't grossly overpriced... But 4 mil for an urgent quest trigger that will at most produce like 800k if you're super lucky with drops feels pretty bad, also those prices on the badges when often the items from the badges end up at like 30k meseta but you pay 20k for a badge that you need 100-300 of... also feels bad.

I don't think they should remove AC or Meseta items, simply make prices more reasonable.