Alliance: Avatar

Ship: 2

Leader: Crevox

Are you new to PSO2? Are you lost? Are you looking to improve or progress but unclear about your options?

We're a small alliance looking to grow. Some of us came from the JP server after NA went live-- the "refugees" are serious about their own performance and willing to teach or theory-craft without any issues. Don't worry, we're not elitists. We don't have an active hour, everyone just kind of does whatever they want, at their own pace. If we get enough members, we could start structuring something in-terms of: events / alliance MPAs.

Overall, I'd say we're chill. So what are you waiting for? We would love for you to join us!

Feel free to contact myself (char: Di Gi / username: watabou207 / discord: watabou#0207)


Find us on the visiphone today!