Alliance event.

I'm new to the forums so hopefully I'm posting in the right location. Sorry if not.

I'm just curious if anyone received the rewards from the alliance event? You know; like the desert lillipan suit, the hologram neon stairs, and I think there was also supposed to be some star gems for being part of an alliance that reached 10,000AP by 8/18.

It says rewards will be given out 8/19, but it's 8/20 and I haven't received anything. Plus I haven't seen/heard anyone else acquire any of the stuff. Figured I'd ask. Thanks in advance for all answers.

@xRAzorxDicex It says "Reward Distribution: 9/16 (end of maintenance), via the Visiphone".

Basically, for any campaign that doesn't immediately give you the prize, the distribution date is typically one month after the campaign's end.

@AndrlCh Ahhh. You're right. Thought that was an 8 not a 9. Oops. Facepalming heavily over the oversight lol. Good think I don't work in a financial sector.