Best Classes for Basic Player

I've been trying to figure out all the different stuff for all the different classes, but none of it seems to make any sense to me. (Which is why I have to post questions on here so much.) I've played this game for almost 350 hours now total. And yet, the only things I really know about combat are to press X for a Regular Attack and press either Y or RB for a Photon Art. (I didn't even know that blocking enemy attacks was a thing or how to do it until I accidentally found it about 20 minutes prior to making this post.) I am currently playing as a Hunter/Fighter and using a Sword. (That's the only way I have ever played on this game.) I have tried and tried to figure out how the other classes work, but I still don't understand it. So for someone like me that only knows how to press X, Y, and RB, what would be the best class for me? Or, should I just forget about playing entirely? ('Cause the more I try to figure this stuff out, the more frustrated I get and the less fun the game becomes.)

I recommend that you play the Training Missions to get an understanding of individual class mechanics. They go through all the basics for each class, with prompts and example videos.

well you should learn how to use the other attack pallete, I believe is with LB but I'm not sure about it because I don't play with Xbox controller.

also I'm impressed that you put so many hours and still didn't learn how the other classes work even with classes that are pretty straight foward like Ranger, well regardless do the training missions they cover up the basics of all classes and if still don't undestand you can just keep playing with hunter, swords are the most balanced weapons so you can always use then in any situation

Ok. Thank you both. Hopefully now I can start to understand. (I didn't even know there were Training Courses in the game.)