Deadline slayer + Overload

Will overload trigger Deadline Slayer? It says 25%, but im not sure if Deadline needs under 25% as opposed to 25% and under. if that makes sense.

Overload will trigger Deadline Slayer, Halfline Slayer, Halfline Boost, Crazy Heart, and Crazy Beat upon activation.

Hi, I know I'm hella necroing this thread, but I have a question along the same lines as the original post. I'm wondering if Photon Slayer activates when you are AT 50% hp or if it has to be below 50%. I am thinking out a FI/ET build, and I want to know if I need to leave etoile HP restorate at 9 points, or if I can fully max it out.

@Vilrein Halfline Slayer activates when you are at 50% HP or lower, so you can max Etoile HP Restorate, though it may be better to leave it at 9 since you never know when you might get a small tick of recovery that could send you over the threshold by a few HP (like someone's stray Resta or your Mag).

@AndrlCh Thank you so much. I didn't even think about the possibility of going slightly over due to the fact that you only get healed for 1 hp outside of mate items in the first place.

Edit: I also just realized I said Photon Slayer instead of Halfline Slayer, thank you for still understanding what I was talking about.