Does anyone know what hairstyle this is?

Looking to replicate this. :))))

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, this hairstyle only exists in the concept art for this outfit.

@AndrlCh FeelsBadMan, it's cute af.

Yeah, there are a lot of really good hairstyles that are only part of the concept art. It's a shame they never actually make them all.

Not as a standalone, but you can probably create something pretty close to it.エステ%2Fアクセサリー(頭部小物)

Search アルカーノリボン and アルカーノリボンB, those are ribbons that match the ones in the picture (they color-match, the black ones are probably the ones used as reference in the pic)

There's also a few pigtail extensions that might not exactly match (for the portion the ribbons are tying up), but they'll be pretty close. Search ツインテールエクステ (pigtail extensions), the two short variants are pretty close. As long as they're properly positionable, 小 look like they match the ones in the pic.

As for the base hair, I couldn't find it with a quick skim, but there's not really an easy way to find specific hairstyles (ribbons and extensions are pretty easy to find by name ctrl+F) and it's not too helpful when the icon doesn't show the back of the hair. It doesn't seem too unique though, you might be able to find it if you dig through hairstyles? Or at least, find something close to it.エステ%2Fヘアスタイル