Affixing Boost Days

It would be nice if we could have some affixing boosts on a regular schedule. Perhaps on each PSO2 day?

As much as I'd like this it would demolish the market.

They happen fairly often on JP, albeit not on a regular schedule, and the market hasn't been demolished. It would be nice to have one at least every month or so.

I'm not sure if they are implemented in the Global version, but on JPN there are actually weekly and monthly +5% affix boosts, but only for specific augment types; on Tuesdays it rotates between Melee, Ranged, Tech, and HP/PP augment boosts, and "special" augments get boosted on the 1st of each month.

It depends on the % of your affix boost you have in mind.

Like @AndrlCh mentioned, around a year ago the monthly +5% affix boost was introduced to PSO2JP. And indeed this feature has not changed or impacted the affix market in any way. Reason being, not only is the boost 'selective', a +5% affix boost is generally useless. So it's nothing game breaking or game changing, it doesn't swing the pendulum enough if at all.

It would't surprise me if the majority of PSO2JP's player base forgot about the existence of this 'event'. At least I haven't met anyone in PSO2JP mentioning the monthly +5% affix boost again, a week after its introduction.

I would +1 your suggestion if you want the Global version to have this monthly +5% affix boost as well. But if you want the +10% or +15% to appear monthly or on each PSO2 Day, that would become tricky though.

A regular PSO2JP year, has two +10% boost weeks and one +15% boost week for a total of three boost weeks. The first +10% boost week appears early in the year, (Somewhere between January-April.) the +15% boost week appears in the middle of the year (Somewhere between May-September.) and the second +10% boost week appears towards the end of the year. (Somewhere between October-December.) Some years hold four boost weeks/days, mainly due special events or occasions. This year might be one of them as well.

Is three boost weeks per year enough? I leave that to you. But if a +10% or +15% affix boost would happen on every PSO2 Day or once a month, it will (drastically) impact the affix market. It could even affect the fashion market.

"Once a significant abundance arises on one side of the spectrum, the other side has to deal with its effects. Whether the consequences are good or bad, depends on how the affected are affected."

That's interesting. I did have 10-15% in mind when I said it would destroy the market.