Soo... I was looking at purchasing this Sonic set and clicked on the company.... Screenshot_20200305-194413_LINE.jpg

I saw PSO2 sticker sets too!!!! Screenshot_20200305-194211_LINE.jpg

But... I don't understand it either haha but the Sonic one is more expressive.

I bought both haha. I will probably use the rare drop and running rappy stickers the most hahaha Screenshot_20200305-194555_LINE.jpg

These are on the Line app. It's like Kakao Talk, or What's App on cellphones

*edit: looks like it failed to upload the screenshots >_<

*edit2: I transferred the screenshots to my PC when I got home and it works now :3

*edit3: Uhhh,,, these are huge.... is a GM or staff or someone on this forum able to help me resize these so they aren't so big unless it's clicked? 😧