Please give all players a chance to get the Beast face/ Tylor set

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The "Celebrating 1,000,000 ARKS" article features a character using the Beast face, which was only available before PC launch. Could we maybe get a chance to purchase the same SG bundle to get it sometime soon? It seems a bit cruel to tease us with something we missed out on, especially if it will be brought back only as an expensive scratch bonus item like it was on the JP servers.

So hey, it's October. The month of Halloween, and dressing up as monsters and the like... which seems like a good enough excuse to bring this back, right? There aren't any current SG sales, so it might entice a few people to spend those Star Gems they've accumulated...

Gross furry detected.

This goes in line with all the other pre PC cosmetic petitions. I suppose the stuff may be released in the future, or maybe some and not all may come, or at different times, who knows. But the interest for pre PC stuff has been there since the start.

I completely agree! I was so sad on how it didn’t leave a couple days after the PC release. It’s one of my favorite cosmetics on the game. : ( They could’ve made more money off of PC players too.

I personally used a dark skinned beast race character as a main for pretty much all of my run through the PSUniverse sub franchise. I still miss the beast transformation. Current Dark Blast is better mechanically, but them beast forms were just awesome.

@Deep-Knot BTW It's out now for 160 SG in the Fresh Finds Shop. Buy before it's gone again!

Yes, it's available right now!

@GM-Deynger Hopefully, for those who missed one day, there may be repeats of this item? As I remember, the past FF had repeats of an item or two as well.