Dragon EU is a unique and dysfunctional alliance now currently lead by a clown at the helm. Despite this downturn of events it has managed to cherry pick many of the finest of players into its ranks, a diverse spectrum of personalities that barely get along with eachother.

Should you ever be interested in joining Dragon EU please complete this short questionaire below:

Question 1. Are you a finest player?

Depending on the answer you mentally thought of then it should be obivous, if you even doubted for merely 1s that you were not finest enough then you are clearly not who we're recruiting for and i bid you farewell.

But on the off chance that you also dared to think so boldly enough that you are indeed one of the finest of players then you must be forgiven such naivety, because only the finest of players have no ego to prove. Once again i must bid you farewell.

Question 2. How are we capable of knowing who the finest are then?

We have mastercrafted a failproof theoretical checklist that only the finest of players can answer. It's theoretical and doesnt exist i hear you think, well thats where you are wrong as it is theoretically theoretical in the metaphorical way, or put in simple in terms for the unfinest of players: its known as schrodingers checklist.

Question 2. But that wasn't a question and neither was this and why is this also numbered 2?

Bold of you to assume this wasnt that metaphorical list of theoretical checklists, this entire post is made to weed out the not so finest of players looking for an alliance on the forums. Clearly if you were humoured by this then perhaps you may be who we are recruiting, if you are still interested please contact me(AC_GLINT) through the game via mail.