Hype thread! Which ship are you choosing!?

Ship 1, for me! ❤ Looking forward to meeting new ARKs!

Ship 1 is best ship

Ship 1 here, as well!

My wife has chosen Ship 5. Guess that means Ship 5 gonna be the end-game ship. >.>

Remember everyone, 3 characters means you can be on 3 ships simultaneously! (Extras will cost extra from the in-game store)

Ship 2, I think a lot of vet pso1 and pso2 (JPN PC) are going to congregate there.

@YoshnJa ship 2 was cool thanks to english speakers, but it was also very toxic at the same time.

My Partner and I are going for Ship Number 01, we both live in the UK.

I'll be on ship02 bc I'm an old player from JP game.

I was leaning towards ship 2 since I played on JP, but IDK might be fun to not be on a ship full of vet players.

I'll likely be on Shop 1.

ship 2 forever

Ship 2 here

Ship uno!

Ship 2 because that's what I played on Vita